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                      What is JourneyDance™?


JourneyDance™ is a playful and intuitive method of using movement to discover and celebrate our inner strengths. We are all dancers, emotion in motion. We cleanse our bodies and minds with sweat and breath, laughter and prayer. We discover the anatomy of the soul. We feel our power and aliveness. We learn to love ourselves. We find balance and blessings. We become bright, shining, radiant.

Impulsed by music, using elements of theater, visualization, vocalization, guided sequences, and improvisational movement, we awaken our imaginations. We embark on a journey to fully express ourselves as soul. At the journey's end we return home, embodied and whole.

This is the JourneyDance™.


Movement as Spiritual Practice


Ritual makes magic. We create ritual space. Magic happens, Spirit enters, Hearts open. We begin in circle and make sound as a group. We use imagination to create mini-rituals: we build a fire, we plant a garden of dreams, we become warriors. We explores freely, safe in the dance. We reflect on our experience outside of ritual space and make meaning.

Images and creative visualization enliven the journey. Specific sensual images transport us into the present moment, into our bodies, into other worlds: we sink into the mud, we bathe in golden honey, we surge as an ocean wave, we hunt as warriors, we float like feathers. Images focus the mind, the body finds natural expression, and soul travels.

Music and sound impulse our bodies and spirits. Music alone has the power to change our states, moods, and levels of consciousness. Our music opens the seven Chakras, invokes the elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether, and rides the Fluids of the body. Careful weaving of specific songs stimulates and inspires us into empowered boundless expression.

Creativity is the expression of soul. JourneyDance inspires creativity. We create the life we want. While moving and buzzing positively we visualize, feel and manifest. Music and movement bypass the mind, allowing us as soul to discover, trust, and affirm our deepest hearts knowing.


For more details, visit www.journeydance.com