Healing Hands of Love
Phoenix Sunrise Healing
Tonya Marie Sunshine

       Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body

Adhering to the latest finding in neuroscience and quantum mechanics, this new paradigm approach to healing is easily one of the most powerful healings I've ever experienced. Based on the Hermetic Principle of "As above, So below", it is my philosophy that the body tells and maintains the stories of our lives. As such, a healer and client may access these deeply held or repressed memories by listening and communicating with the beautiful and sacred body being. Cellular memory is contained within every body part and organ, chakra and toe. By bringing the light of awareness and attention to specific body parts, clients can access long forgotten stories, bringing them to the forefront of body consciousness. For "if we can feel it, we can heal it". Once the body memory is heard, honored and received into conscious awareness, the memory lets go, releasing and freeing your energy to return to the present moment, no longer tied up in holding onto a past grief, trauma, injury or sadness. 

You may experience a deep sense of peace, a powerful release of emotion, and a healing so deep it surprises you. Clients generally report a new found awareness of their physical body, a deep sense of groundedness, and a new level of understanding between their body and their lives.

Combining a "listening touch" with gentle guided movements, clients lie fully clothed on a massage table as they are guided into a deep connection and awareness of their physical body through dialogue and understanding.

One hour session: $75

90 minute session $100