Healing Hands of Love
Phoenix Sunrise Healing
Tonya Marie Sunshine


Quotes Tonya Marie is among those few whose luminous being is very near the surface, ready and eager for meeting. She has chosen to focus her energies toward a giving, healing love, that she provides in many ways. First as a friend, later as a Reiki master, she has moved my life forward, in many ways. During Reiki sessions, the flow of energy from her hands and the gentle, open questions she asks in order to better attune herself with you will definitely amaze you. No one else comes close. Highly recommended! Quotes

Quotes Tonya's gifts are unique and plentiful - combining wisdoms and modalities to create a fully empowering space in which to go through our own healing processes. By holding an authentically loving and accepting space, she invites the body to speak its messages giving the deeply held stories we may have an opportunity to come into the light of consciousness and love to be healed, released and understood. I would recommend anyone who wanted to journey more deeply into themselves for their own healing to give themselves the gift of time in Tonya's presence. Quotes