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      Tonya Marie Sunshine: A Healing History

Tonya began her quest for healing at 19. Seeking solutions to the health problems she was facing in her own body, she found answers and support through various modalities, including body reflexology, Reiki and nutrition. Discovering food sensitivities and allergies, her diet changed many times over the course of the next few years, as she attempted to find that balance that enabled her to feel not just good, but great! Discovering that nutrition was part of the puzzle, she found a booklet on detoxification with a quiz to assess how toxic you are. Scoring way too high for comfort, she decided to check out the whole idea of symptoms being the method of communication from our body. Through her own body being, she discovered the answers to unlock her own health and vibrancy. Sporadically fasting, juicing, taking herbs & supplements, flushing and eating superfoods, she regained and rebalanced virtually every system in her body.

Getting a job at the local food co-op, Tonya quickly turned her life around by immersing within the organic & local food culture. Delving deeper each day, she quickly moved into the Wellness department and became the manager where she was able to assist thousands of people seeking better health. It is through her experiences there that she developed the philosophy of helping people help themselves. Tonya was becoming empowered through her research and relished in sharing this excitement with others willing to step up and take their power back from the pharmaceutical industry, big business and popular ideas and beliefs held in the collective conscious.

At the age of 21, she began to study shamanic healing practices, intrigued by how one's worldview could have so much influence over issues of health, healing, spirituality and connection with others & the world around. This led to courses in Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, How to See Auras and Self-Hypnosis. She began her Reiki training with Alexandra Marie Windsong in 2005 and became a Reiki Master in 2007. Continuing to delve deeper into the spiritual realm, she began to see patterns, similarities and truths that existed within most of the traditions she studied.

Finding new friends & teachers, Kathleen & Breighton Dawe, in 2006, she began a year long training called SOPHIA, which brought together the ancient practices and wisdoms of many earth-based religions, explained why magic works and the metaphysics to back it up. Deeper into the rabbit hole, she continued Reiki training with them in addition to studying vibrational healing techniques such as the zapper, Rife technology, flower essences, gem elixers, homeopathy and healing with crystals.

In 2008 she was introduced to the work of Alberto Villoldo, PhD.  She received the Munay Ki Shamanic Initiation Rites over six months and then trained to be able to transmit them to others the six months following that. These Rites increased her personal power, her ability to see and hear beyond the veils of illusion, connecting her to a lineage of wisdomkeepers and earthhealers that extends far into the distant past and distant future. They worked through lifetimes of karmic sludge and toxic energy stored within her own Luminous Energy Field, bringing to the light of awareness all that which called for healing. 

Continuing her work with Alberto's system, she trained to perform Chakra Illuminations, which open and clear a chakra around a specific issue and illuminating it within the pure consciousness of the eigth chakra, or soul center. Next she received & trained in Entity Removal from another shaman, Sanjivani, in 2009 and began to offer this to her clients in early 2010.

2008 also saw the beginning of Tonya's training within the Rubenfeld Synergy Method program at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. This talk-touch therapy synergized the work of Feldenkrais, Gestalt Psychology, Eriksonian and many other modalities. It is gaining in popularity as a new paradigm of healing whereby the deepest psychological work must be done not through talk alone, but including healing touch and the wisdom of the body.

In late 2009, Tonya attended JourneyDance(TM) teacher training at Kripalu. This unique movement therapy based modality blends the best of shamanic healing, toning, improvisation, healing music, sacred movements and guided imagery to create a powerful experience. She began offering this to her community in Frederick, MD at The Expanding Heart Center, where she also had an office where she held her private practice.

Just after her 27th birthday this April, Tonya was guided to move out of the Frederick area, and offered a place to land on the west coast in Oregon. Arriving on the shore of the Pacific, visiting the giant Redwoods and witnessing the beauty of the mountains, her excitement grew. One two hour visit to Mount Shasta as she was "passing through" turned into a weekend. Another weekend visit turned into two weeks, turned into "I'm moving to Mount Shasta" "I am finally home!"


Many Blessings, Love & Light


Tonya Marie Sunshine

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