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Tonya Marie Sunshine

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                                    All healing is self healing

No one can save you except yourself. We all must be our own best friend and healer, ultimately. As a "healer", my role is that of witness and facilitator, guide, mentor and friend, someone who will walk the healing path beside you, pointing out pitfalls and holding a light through times of darkness. As a "wounded healer" myself, I have come through my own healing crisis with the guidance and support of others and now share this gift of spirit with you.

Witnessing through the eyes of Love and a Heart of Innocence, I invoke and invite your own inner healer to awaken, to participate and lead the process of your deep personal healing and transformation.

                                          As above, So below

This Hermetic Principle clearly states that whatever changes occur on one level ripple outward to all corresponding levels of being. Applied to healing, if a change can be made in one's mind, the physical body will respond to that new belief. Accessing the story and wisdom of the body, we begin our healing journey in the density of the physical, as it is a manifestation of everything that is occurring on the higher frequencies of your wholeness. Healing is simply and powerfully the return to wholeness. This process requires a willingness to let go of anything that would diminish our receptivity to that wholeness and a deep connection with the physical container of your soul, called the human body. 

Stepping down in frequency, the human energy field consists of the Higher Self, or connection to Spirit, the Mental Body (the thoughts you think and beliefs you hold), the Emotional Body (from Love & Peace to Fear & Anger), and the Physical Body (the organs, skin and bones). Utilizing the information available through the Physical Body, we can access the other levels of being. Creating lasting change on any level will necessarily affect change on all levels of being. 

                         Questions for you

Do you have a hard time staying grounded?

Do you feel disconnected from your physical body, spending most of your time in your head, thinking? When was the last time you walked a day in your own feet?

Are you aware that your body is always in all ways attempting to communicate with you?

Do you have a hard time stilling your mind, relaxing or meditating?

Do you see a pattern that you feel stuck in, but see very slow to no progress in changing? Or are you ready to change, but usure of what it is?

Do you want to connect with life more on a spiritual level?

Would you like a practitioner that listens to your thoughts about your healing process and honors your part in your own healing? Who works with you, rather than just working on your body?

Would you like homework and additional ideas for what you can do to assist with your own healing process?


If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you may enjoy healing with Tonya Marie Sunshine as your guide, mentor, teacher and friend.

                      Services Offered

Reiki Healing Session

  • $75 one hour, $65 an hour with a three-session package
  • $90 for 90 minutes

Reiki Workshops (Offered on a group or individual basis)

  • $150 Level One Certification
  • $250 Level Two Certification
  • $500Master Level Certification

Munay Ki Shamanic Rites

  • Heart offerings welcome, but the Rites are gifted freely
  • $300 Training to learn how to transmit the Rites to others

Shamanic Healing

  • $75 Chakra Illumination
  • $100 Chakra Illumination and Entity Extraction

Body Talk

  • $75 one hour
  • $90 for 90 minutes

Holistic Health Assessment

  • $100 one hour session (includes Body Scrying, muscle testing, detox plan of action)

Detox Consultations

  • $75 one hour (in person or by phone)

JourneyDance(TM) Workshops

  • $20 per person

 Sacred Movement Belede Workshops

  • $15 per person
Tonya is also available to offer JourneyDance and Belede for group events, gatherings, festivals or corporate events. Please email for further information!